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Winning With Money

Product Description

Do you hate budgeting? Have you found other money management systems too complex and too restrictive? Winning with Money will help you take control of your finances and start succeeding. Whether you are 18 or 58, the principles outlined inside Winning With Money will set you on a course of freedom, flexibility and victory with your money.!

About the Author

Aaron Coleman is a sales and marketing professional with a background of working in finance, technology, and dining services. He has worked with c-level executives throughout the United States. He specializes in helping companies operate more efficiently and profitably. Aaron received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Idaho. He currently lives in Boise, ID.


"Winning With Money puts the emphasis on the positive. It's not about what you can't buy, it's about having the freedom to know what you can! It's money management without the guilt. Coleman's approach is simple enough to stick with and flexible enough to work for any individual without making them feel like a slave to their budgeting system.'

Gabriel M. Krajicek
CEO, BancVue Corp.

"Winning With Money is a must-read book for anyone wanting to do better at understanding and managing their finances. Aaron Coleman does a great job making a daunting subject simple and practical. His concepts are profound yet accessible to the average person. An extremely relevant book for our culture, Winning With Money literally changes the game for personal budgeting and finances. It puts you in control while giving you freedom to make choices and decisions that work for you. Get it today and start winning the money game."

Michael Gogis, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Willow Creek Association

"The purpose of budgeting is to create discipline in our financial lives. The key to that discipline is simplicity. Too often, we make maintaining and following a budget so complex that it is doomed to fail from the start. Winning With Money offers a simple, easy-to-follow solution to help ANYONE stay within their means. Aaron Coleman's advice on how to think clearly about your financial life will lead to repeatable decisions and behaviors that will get you on your way to Winning With Money."

William G. Gilbert, Jr.
Co-Founder and Partner, The CAPROCK Group, Inc.

"People are capable of anything they put their minds to! With a positive attitude, hard work and a commitment to writing down your will achieve success. What a gift Aaron has designed for his readers in this well organized, informative and relevant book. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to gain control over their finances."

Melanie Simboli
1988 Olympic Gold Medalist & 1989 World Champion, Freestyle Skiing

"The concepts Coleman brings out really hit the nail on the head. Having been involved in finance and financial education my whole career, and having read many books on the subject, this book hits on all the important parts that a person needs to become financially free. I came away wanting to learn and apply again these points that I already knew but needed a reminder. A great book that is so needed in our society."

Todd Erickson
CEO, Capital Educators FCU

Winning With Money
Winning With Money

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